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Executive Committee

  • Mr Mark Chay
    Mr Mark Chay
  • Prof Kenneth Goh
    Prof Kenneth Goh
    Secretary General
  • Mr Yeo Kai Eng
    Mr Yeo Kai Eng
  • Mr Ow Yong Weng Leong
    Mr Ow Yong Weng Leong
    Vice President (Partnerships)
  • Mr Christopher Ng Cheng Xun
    Mr Christopher Ng Cheng Xun
    Vice-President (Swimming)
  • Mr Dominic Soh
    Mr Dominic Soh
    Vice-President (Water Polo)
  • Mr Steve Chew
    Mr Steve Chew
    Vice-President (Artistic Swimming)
  • Ms Wendy Lim
    Ms Wendy Lim
    Vice-President (Diving)
  • Ms Chan U-Nice
    Ms Chan U-Nice
    Assistant Secretary General (Swimming)
  • Mr Leonard Yeo
    Mr Leonard Yeo
    Assistant Secretary General (Water Polo)


  • Edwin Ker
    Edwin Ker
    Executive Director (General)
  • Leon Lim
    Leon Lim
    Deputy Executive Director (General)
  • Adillah Amir
    Adillah Amir
    Facilities Admin Executive (Administration)
  • Noorul Hassan
    Noorul Hassan
    Assistant Director, Content, Membership & Special Projects (General)
  • Rochelle Ong
    Rochelle Ong
    Admin and Membership Executive (General)
  • Crystal Lee
    Crystal Lee
    Senior Finance Manager (Administration & Finance)
  • Daphne Wong
    Daphne Wong
    Assistant Finance Manager (Administration & Finance)
  • Veronica Phua
    Veronica Phua
    Finance Executive
    (Administration & Finance)
  • Kyi Thant Sin
    Kyi Thant Sin
    Finance Executive
    (Administration & Finance)
  • Ahmad Ridhwan
    Ahmad Ridhwan
    Operations Director (General)
  • Muhammad Hafid
    Muhammad Hafid
    Asst Director Operations, Marketing & Partnerships (General)
  • Myra Goh
    Myra Goh
    Operations Manager (General)
  • Tessa Seet
    Tessa Seet
    Operations Manager (General)
  • Izzul Aarifeen
    Izzul Aarifeen
    Operations Executive (General)
  • Elson Leong
    Elson Leong
    Coach and Club Development Officer (Swimming)
  • Bryan Chan
    Bryan Chan
    Coach Development Executive (Swimming)
  • Sonya Michelle Porter
    Sonya Michelle Porter
    Technical Director (Swimming)
  • Tracie Tan
    Tracie Tan
    High Performance Manager (Swimming)
  • Lionel Khoo
    Lionel Khoo
    Management Associate (Swimming)
  • Gary Tan
    Gary Tan
    National Head Coach (Swimming)
  • Bradford Dingey
    Bradford Dingey
    National Training Centre Head Coach (Swimming)
  • Alexander Mordvincev
    Alexander Mordvincev
    National Training Centre Assistant Coach (Swimming)
  • Gustavo Schirru
    Gustavo Schirru
    National Training Centre Assistant Coach (Swimming)
  • Thng Shi Qi
    Thng Shi Qi
    National Athletic Development Coordinator (Swimming)
  • Kan Aoyagi
    Kan Aoyagi
    Technical Director (Water Polo)
  • Jon Jayo
    Jon Jayo
    Assistant Technical Director (Water Polo)
  • Koh Ting Ting
    Koh Ting Ting
    Pathway Manager (Water Polo)
  • Chua Hao Loong
    Chua Hao Loong
    Sports Executive (Water Polo)
  • Yu Lei
    Yu Lei
    National Women's Team Head Coach
  • Rio Shirahama
    Rio Shirahama
    National Assistant Coach (Water Polo)
  • Paul Tan
    Paul Tan
    National Youth Development Squad (Water Polo)
  • Lynnette Tan
    Lynnette Tan
    National Women Development Coach (Water Polo)
  • Daniel Campbell
    Daniel Campbell
    Sport Director (Artistic Swimming & Diving)
  • Kristel Wang
    Kristel Wang
    Sport Manager (Diving)
  • Li Peng
    Li Peng
    National Head Coach (Diving)
  • Xiao Xia
    Xiao Xia
    National Assistant Coach, Talent Development (Diving)
  • Zhang Wei
    Zhang Wei
    National Development Coach (Diving)
  • Carlysle Chan
    Carlysle Chan
    National Development Coach (Diving)
  • Li Teng
    Li Teng
    National Development Coach (Diving)
  • Freida Lim
    Freida Lim
    Diving Coach/Executive
  • Nur Zahidah
    Nur Zahidah
    Sport Manager (Artistic Swimming)
  • Miho Yoshida
    Miho Yoshida
    National Head Coach (Artistic Swimming)
  • Viviane Ladouceur
    Viviane Ladouceur
    National Youth Team Coach (Artistic Swimming)