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Today, Water Polo has also evolved to become the epitome of diligence, dedication, esprit de corps, perseverance and a can-do attitude of all our national players.


What started as a ruse of get our teenage delinquents off the street and put their time into better use soon translated into a national sport which has since managed to ignite the interests of the nation and its people in celebrating each and every victory at the various many international games.

In water polo, the playing area is to be 30m by 20m and the pool must be a minimum of 2m deep. Each team have 13 players, with one goalkeeper and six field players participating at any one time. Within the four quarters of eight minutes playing time, players are to score the ball into the opponents net as many times as possible, and the team with the higher score at the end of the game are the victors of the match.

Water polo made its Olympic Debut at the Paris Games in 1900 and since then the Hungarians have been the greatest ambassadors of this discipline. Between 1928 and 1980, they won medals at every game and between 1932 and 1976; they consecutively won 6 of the 10 gold medals available.

Our history

Ever since the Singapore National Water Polo Team won the much coveted Gold Medal at the Asian Games in 1954, success came in more ways than one, with medals at the subsequent Games in the later years and the undefeated view for the Gold Medal at the SEA Games since 1965. The Singapore National Water Polo Team clinched their 24th Gold Medal at the 26th SEA games 2011. Evidently, Water Polo in Singapore has indeed come a long way in establishing the success of today.

Aiming at cultivating young talents, Singapore Aquatics hosts a variety of local competitions such as the Singapore Water Polo National League which include the following age group categories – 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U (men & women), 24U, Open (men & women) and Masters competitions are also hosted to cater to the wide spectrum of school children currently taking up water polo.

To cultivate young talents, we host a variety of local tournaments to cater to a wide spectrum of school children from age 13 and above. Since 2008, we have introduced Flippa Ball, a modified version of water polo, to a much younger group of players starting from 6 years old.