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Join us to keep aquatic sports safe and respectful for all

We are all winners when we work as one—to keep the aquatic sports we love free of abuse, violence, and harassment. Put your hands up and join the movement today.

What is Safe Aquatics?

Safe Aquatics is part of the Safe Sport Programme administered by the Safe Sport
Commission in Singapore. A national movement, it aims to:
Raise awareness of the forms of abuse and harassment which may take place in a sporting environment
Rally the aquatics community and public to our cause
Coaches, team managers, and sport administrators have a duty of care to protect participants from danger and harm.
Any deliberate or aggressive action that causes physical trauma or injury is not acceptable.
There is no place for humiliation, intimidation, or other treatment that diminishes one’s sense of dignity and self-worth.
Sexual abuse and misconduct, both physical and non-physical, are never okay—and never the victim’s fault.
It can be verbal, non-verbal or physical; so long as it’s sexual, unwanted, and unwelcome, it’s wrong.
Pledge your support for aquatic sports that are:
Safe Aquatics Pledge
I believe that everyone who participates in aquatics sports—every athlete, adult, and child—has the right to be protected in a safe and respectful environment, free of all forms of abuse, violence and harassment.

Why is Safe Sport Important?

The sporting environment is as large as an ocean. It is important to ensure a safe sporting environment for everyone.

Misconduct that involves acts which are sexual, psychological, and physical in nature can threaten the safety of sporting individuals and cause cracks in the sporting environment.

  • The safety and well-being of an affected person (AP) would be imperilled. This could lead to detrimental effects on the AP which could even be fatal. Th severity of the situation could be heightened when the AP is a minor or a vulnerable individual.
  • Where misconduct is normalized, a culture of tolerance is cultivated.
  • If misconduct is managed poorly, it could lead to the discreditation of the AP, unfounded opinions which could cause a negative impact upon the affected parties and lack of trust in the organization, among other things.
  • The integrity of sports would be compromised.

The Safe Sport Commission, who maintains a secretariat that is responsible for the administration of the Safe Sport Unified and the Safe Sport Programme*, is the authority of Safe Sport.

For more information on the Safe Sport Commission Singapore, click here .

  • The Safe Sport Unified Code and the Safe Sport Programme form the national framework for safeguarding in sport.

You may report a Safe Sport concern either to Singapore Aquatics or to the Safe Sport Commission.

  • SAQ is committed to ensuring that all participants in its community play, practice, compete, officiate, work, volunteer, and interact in a positive environment, free from harassment and abuse.
  • In promoting the safety and well-being of its participants, SAQ is a member organisation under the national framework for safeguarding in sport, the Safe Sport Programme.
pledges made in support of Safe Aquatics
Join us to keep aquatic sports a safe and respectful environment for everyone.
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Together, we can keep aquatics sports a safe and respectful environment for everyone.
Is your aquatics coach Safe Sport-certified?
Coaches with the Sports SG-SG Coach qualifications are professionally trained to implement the Safe Sport Unified Code, and ensure a safe and respectful sporting environment for everyone.
Check if your aquatics coach is certified:
Coach certification list