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SG-Coach Level 1 (Water Polo) Programme

Course modules

  1. Sports Development Systems
  2. Communication skills & team dynamics
  3. Delivery methods
  4. Session planning
  5. Risks assessment managements (RAMs)
  6. Values & Principles in Sports (VPS)
  7. Coaching resource
  • Overview of water polo & basic rules
  • Water polo core skills
  • Strategy and tactics in water polo
  • Teaching styles
  • Athlete’s curriculum for young players
  • Goalkeeper coaching syllabus
  • Women’s coaching and methodology

8. Basic sports science integrated

Skill trials

Candidates who wish to attend this course will need to attend an ability trial and demonstrate competency in the following skills

1. Swim head-up freestyle and transition to backstroke with breast kick

2. Demonstrate horizontal movements

3. Demonstrate hooking movements

4. Ability to throw ball (10m)

5. Pass and receive 5x consecutively

*current and/or ex-national/youth team players would be exempted for the ability trial.


  • Pre-requisites will be required to attend the SG-Coach Level 1 (Water Polo) course
  • Singapore Water Polo may also waive the ability trial at our discretion for candidates based on other assessment criteria
  • Candidates must pass the skill trial in order to attend the SG-Coach Level 1 (Water Polo) course
  • This ability trial will be used to determine the technical competency of the participant in the sport of Water Polo
  • The practical coaching assessment conducted during the course will focus on assessing the participant’s coaching competencies.

Coaching attachment  Upon completion of the SG-Coach Level 1 (Water Polo), successful candidates are required to fulfil 30 hours of attachment practice coaching with any affiliated clubs in 3 months.



Continuous Coaching Education (CCE) Workshops

Date: 20th March 2024 (Wednesday) Session 1

Venue: OCBC AQC (Aquatic Centre) Diving Pool  Time: 10:30am – 12:30pm

Topic: Basic Water Polo Footwork Skills. (By SAQ WP TD & National Head Coach, Kan Aoyagi)

Click here for more details


Date: 22nd March 2024 (Friday) Session 2

Venue: OCBC AQC (Aquatic Centre) Diving Pool

Time: 10:30am – 12:30pm

Topic: Basic Water Polo Ball Handling Skills. (By SAQ WP TD & National Head Coach, Kan Aoyagi)

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