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  • To provide progression for swimming after SwimSafer
  • To raise the level of swimming proficiency of students and the general public
  • To increase the level of technical expertise among our swimming coaches
  • To provide a talent pool for the next generation of Singapore competitive swimmers

A total of 20 certificates and badges can be attained if the swimmer completes all the levels. The swimmer may wish to challenge himself or herself by attempting any particular level of swim test.


Minimum Criteria to participate:

  • SwimSafer Stage 1
  • SSC Learn to Swim Program
  • SAQ Time Trial

SSPA Assessors for MOE Schools Program List

Please refer to here for the list of SSPA Assessors for MOE School Program.

  1. Abdul Gani Shariff
  2. Yor Alexy
  3. Ang Chun Kang
  4. Cham Blue
  5. Chan Brenda
  6. Chan Guan Ki
  7. Lau Chin Wei
  8. Adnan Cody
  9. Wang Gawain
  10. Tan Geraldine
  11. Ho Kin Wah Alvin
  12. Jee Koon Eng
  13. Phee Jeremy
  14. Toh Jerry
  15. Tan Jia Nian
  16. Fho Johnny Boon Kim
  17. Wee Jonathan
  18. Gan Joshua Bing Yi
  19. Siak Julian
  20. Cham Jun Yuan
  21. Khairani Kassim
  22. Kia Yin Plua
  23. Kiat Xuan Kok
  24. Kin Fook Loi
  25. Lee Kok Hon Philip
  26. Koo Chong Ngee Koo
  27. Kuan Chien Chiang
  28. Lim Peiyi Shirley
  29. Ng Chin Liang
  30. Ong Yi Long
  31. Pan Yang
  32. Paul Wee
  33. Yao Peikang
  34. Liew Peter
  35. Wong Randy
  36. Reutens Rhys Arthur
  37. Bai Robin
  38. Su Ruikun
  39. Wang Russell
  40. Phua Sandra
  41. Yap Shaun
  42. Lim Stanley Hang Lin
  43. Tan Steven
  44. Lim Stewart
  45. Choong Vincent
  46. Soh Wei Sian
  47. Yu Wen Yao
  48. Ng Yan Han
  49. Yeow Sen Nyen
  50. Yong Kiat Low
  51. Yongquan Huang
  52. Yuan Xiao Lin

Updated list above, Date updated: 17 January 2023