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All swimmers who wish to participate in our High Performance support programmes or represent Singapore must be a Singapore citizen (i.e. holding a Singapore passport).

Please refer below for the requirements to be considered and/or to continue to be in the HP programmes or represent Singapore:


1.Notify Singapore Aquatics (SAQ) by email intent to represent Singapore (Email:

The email should include the following:

  • Proof of citizenship
  • Declaration that the swimmer has not competed for or represented another National Swimming Federation previously. If yes, please state the details of the athlete’s last representation (country, date of representation, competition name)


2. Registered with and be in good standing with an Aquatics club in Singapore.

Please refer to our Affiliates listing here.

Note: SAQ does not make recommendations to choose any affiliate programmes. Swimmers will need to enquire directly with the clubs.


3. Submit official results from all overseas meets within 3 days of conclusion of meet.

Meets that will be entered in our database must be sanctioned by the country the athlete is based in. Non-sanctioned meet results can be submitted to the HPT email above (point 1) for tracking purposes. It is the responsibility of the swimmer/club to submit their results to SAQ.


4. Submit by deadline any meets that will substitute local Singapore selection meets.

Deadlines will be stated in each selection policy.

  • All local and OSB swimmers (and their SAQ nominated club)  are responsible for the content included in the selection policies.
  • Selection Criteria can be found here


Note: All swimmers must be willing to abide by all SAQ rules and regulations, including but not limited to athlete agreements and Code of Conduct.


If you have any queries, please also reach out via